Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Arturo Duarte

Alli Temp Pic

Hometown: Wilmington, CA

High School: Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy

Major: Sociology

Involvement on Campus: Hermanos Unidos

Hobbies: Soccer, playing FIFA, and listening to music

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: Chicken Chipotle Sandwich with a raspberry Snapple at Cafe Rosso

Favorite Place on Campus: Malcolm X Plaza

Advice to Freshman?: Make sure you have balance between fun and school.

Breanna Martinez

Breanna Rae Martinez

Hometown: Commerce, CA

High School: Social Justice Leadership Academy @ Esteban E. Torres High School

Major: Criminal Justice

Minor: Race and Resistance

Involvement on Campus: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

Hobbies: Read, Netflix, nap, and arts and crafts

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: I love to get Chocolate Milk Tea with boba at Quickly's

Favorite Place on Campus: The quad because I like to take naps on sunny days

Advice to Freshman?: School is important but remember to have fun and practice self-care.

Collin Finegan

Collin Finegan

Hometown: Palm Springs, CA

High School: Orange Lutheran High School

Major: Business Finance

Minor: Decision Sciences

Involvement on Campus: Ice Hockey

Hobbies: Hockey, hiking, snowboarding, and wakeboarding

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: Cafe Rosso or Gold Coast Grill

Favorite Place on Campus: The Quad

Advice to Freshman? Explore SF and live life to the fullest! Have fun and get involved. You will never run out of things to do here.


Kelly O'Donnell

Kelly Nicole O'Donnell

Hometown: Alameda, CA

High School: St. Joseph Notre Dame

Major: Biology

Involvement on Campus: Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Inc.

Hobbies: Netflix, hikes, yoga, and learning about the human anatomy

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: The bagels and smoothies at Natural Sensations are such a great and healthy option!

Favorite Place on Campus: The Quad, library, and wherever I can find coffee!

Advice to Freshman?: Reflect. Remember past decision are in the past and you can be whoever you want to be. Achieve whatever you want to achieve! Your only limit now is you.


Rachelle Chaturabul

Rachelle Chaturabul

Hometown: Walnut, CA

High School: Walnut High School

Major: Sociology

Minor: Criminal Justice Studies

Involvement on Campus: Search of Sisterhood

Hobbies: Netflix, yoga, online shopping, and sleeping

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: Cafe Rosso's sandwiches are the bomb dot com!

Favorite Place on Campus: J. Paul Leonard Library

Advice to Freshman? Don't be afraid to just dive right into the college life: get involved in clubs; meet anyone and everyone; go to school games; take an Ethnic Studies course! College only lasts a handful of years -- and it goes by fast.

Sarah Julie Niderost

Sarah Julie Niderost

Hometown: Ukiah, CA

High School: Ukiah High School

Major: Journalism and Business Marketing

Involvement on Campus: INCUBED

Hobbies: Rollerskating, writing poetry, and watching Disney movies

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: I love the carne asada fries at Taqueria Girasol

Favorite Place on Campus: The Depot

Advice to Freshman?: Always ask questions.

Victor Aguilar

Victor Javier Aguilar

Hometown: Norwalk, CA

High School: Santa Fe High School

Major: History

Involvement on Campus: Koinonia, E-Gay, and Queer Alliance

Hobbies: I love reading, watching shows on Netflix, playing soccer, watching soccer, obsessing over Corgis, buying ties and bow ties, making people smilie and laugh, eating, and sleeping

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: I love getting a Hamburger/French Fries combo from Cafe Rosso.

Favorite Place on Campus: I love the top of the Cesar Chavez center because it is so nice and peaceful to go up there to watch the sunset and relax after a stressful day/week

Advice to Freshman?: When you feel overwhelmed, relax and go out and take a breather! Go to Dolores Park, StonesTown Mall, Starbucks and meet your future bae! Take a walk around Lake Merced! Don't keep stressing yourself out!

Zoram Mercado

Zoram Mercado

Hometown: Oakland, CA

High School: Oakland Technical High School

Major: Undeclared

Involvement on Campus: Hermanos Unidos, Hermanas Unidas, and La Raza

Hobbies: Video games and music

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: Baked potatoes at Gold Coast Grill

Favorite Place on Campus: La Raza office

Advice to Freshman?: Be involved on campus.